Free Accommodation And Meals - Haddon

Belinda Bucknell

Haddon, VIC

Posted 1/22/2020

Hi there!

We live on a beautiful 5 acre property situated 20 minutes outside of Ballarat. We are a friendly and welcoming family and love international visitors.

You will have access to your own private space in our home. You have will have free accommodation and free meals in exchange for 20 hours of assistance a week.

The assistance may be inside or outside. Some of the jobs might be:

Cooking, cleaning, gardening, painting, weeding, mulching etc etc

You will be helpful, friendly and will be ok with working independently.

There is enough space for a couple or friends travelling together.

We are mostly a quiet family, so the space will suit someone who enjoys their own company and can entertain themselves.

It's also important to note, there is no public transport out our way so you must enjoy the remoteness. We do go into town daily though.

If you have any other questions, please ask.

Please email answering the following:

Country of Birth:
Where you are currently located:
Date you wish to arrive:
How long you would like to stay:

and a resume


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