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Geelong, in Eat, Stay & Tour Careers.

All Dream Real statistics are drawn from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011. All projections are determined from current national and regional industry trends informed by ABS and City of Greater Geelong statistics.

The Geelong Careers app links to eight trending regional industries:

Geelong is the fastest growing region in Victoria. As more people choose to live and holiday in our beautiful natural environment, there has been a corresponding explosion in our regional food and food services industry. Geelong is known for great coffee, great local foods, and amazing tourism destinations. Regional Cafes and restaurants employ more than 2,500 people locally, a growth of 15% in five years. Our busy working lifestyles have led to substantial growth in both the takeaway foods and the catering sector, which have increased 46% and 52% respectively since 2006.

Surprisingly, the fastest growing eat,stay,tour industry is our performing arts sector which has increased 761% from 21 to 180 jobs! Conference and event organisers are also trending - up 58% to 165 jobs.

Trending Employment in Eat, Stay and Tour Careers Number of jobs Percentage increase
(2006 to 2011 census)
Takeaway food services 2927 ▲ 42%
Cafes and restaurants 2477 ▲ 15.2%
Accommodation 1605 ▲ 12.86%
Pubs, taverns and bars 932 ▼ 15%
Café and restaurant managers 582 ▲ 5.8%

Cover shot provided by Lynden Smith

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